How to request a loan reinstatement

A federal loan may be withdrawn if federal criteria are not met for any reason. Some examples are:

  • A student drops below 5 credits or is not enrolled in at least 5 credits when loan is requested.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress is not maintained (see
  • Semester registration is not completed.

If your federal student loan is withdrawn and you later meet the criteria for a federal loan within the same semester, you may request a loan reinstatement. Submit the request at least three weeks before your final class meeting in the semester for which you seek a loan.

Loan reinstatement requests must be submitted in writing and must be made from the student’s Penn State webmail account.

Send a written request to  In the subject line of the e-mail, write “Loan Reinstatement Request.”  In the body of the e-mail, state that you are requesting a student loan reinstatement and include:

  1. Your name
  2. Your 9-digit Penn State ID number
  3. The semester for which you seek a loan
  4. The type of loan for which you seek a reinstatement (Stafford Loan or Grad Plus)
  5. The reason your eligibility criteria has changed

For example: 
• Jane Smith, PSU ID 999999999, requests a Stafford loan for spring semester 2012. I have increased my credit load from 3 credits to 6. 
• Jane Smith, PSU ID 999999999, requests a Graduate Plus loan for summer 2012. I have passed a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal.

Monitor your Student Aid Summary on eLion. If all loan criteria are met, a loan to cover tuition and fees at Great Valley rates for the courses in which you are enrolled will be forwarded to your Penn State student account. When you see that a loan has been awarded, follow the Student Aid Summary Checklist instructions to complete your registration. 

Grades and credit are not given for courses with incomplete registration. Click here