Billing Procedures

Semester Bill

Electronic bills (eBills ) have replaced all paper bills for Penn State students, and tuition bills are no longer mailed. An e-mail message is sent to your official University e-mail account at announcing that the eBill is available. You can then view and pay your bill via eLion. Payment is due within two to three weeks after the bill arrives. NOTE: If you add or drop credits after your bill is available, please adjust your tuition and fees accordingly. No revised bill will be sent.

You may e-mail your Semester Bill to yourself using eLion. You can also forward this information to parents, employers, etc. Additionally, if you pay on eLion using a credit card, you may send a receipt to your e-mail address. The option to print a receipt is still available for you if you want a paper copy for your records. Printing or e-mailing the bill must be done prior to any payment. Once any payment is made on your account, the bill will NOT be available.

You are encouraged to register for Session I and II at the same time, because space in classes is limited. Students who only register for Session II after the initial registration may not receive a bill.

If you have not received a bill one week prior to the beginning of your class, check your eLion semester bill account, or call the Finance Office at 610-648-3238. If payment is not received by the due date, you will receive a $50 late payment fee. Also, you will not be listed on the grade roster. This means you can not receive a grade for your class when grades are recorded.

Payment Due Date

Tuition payment is due approximately two weeks after courses are scheduled. If payment of tuition and fees, or confirmation of registration, is not completed by the due date stated on the eLion bill, a $50 late fee will be charged to the account. 

Online Access for Parents/Others

With the student's authorization, a Parent/Guardian/Other can access student financial information online via eLion.

  • Parent/Guardian/Other obtains a Penn State User ID through a “Friends of Penn State” account if they do not have a current access account. Go to eLion and select "Parent/Other."
  • Parent/Guardian/Other provides the student with their Penn State User ID.
  • Student grants access to semester bill, bursar account, and/or hope/lifetime tax credit via eLion.