Ken Sassa, Support Analyst, First Consulting Group

Software Alum, Family Man

I graduated from Penn State with an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering. I worked for GE for two years and then left the field. After working as a mailman for several years, I decided that while I had left engineering, it never really left me. I knew that in order to get back in the field, I needed to refresh my skills. In 2001 I entered the Software Engineering program at Penn State Great Valley.

I was married with two young sons when I started the program, and my wife had our two daughters while I was still in pursuit of my master's degree. Needless to say, managing work, school, and family life was one of the most challenging things I have ever done. But, the reward was well worth it.

I finished my last class on April 17, graduated on May 18, and sent my acceptance letter to my new employer on June 19. I am now a Support Analyst in the Life Sciences Division of First Consulting Group in Wayne.

I have heard the advertisement that says, “A Penn State Master's Degree is Closer than You Think.” In my case, I would use the slogan “A software engineering career as a result of a Penn State degree is closer than you think!”

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