Systems Engineering Curriculum and Schedule

The Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering degree will be awarded upon successful completion of the 36-credit program. The courses are not listed in sequential order. All module course work is subject to change as new courses are developed or renumbered.

NOTE: The links below in the Schedule columns go to University Park's Web site. Although the course numbers, times, and availability on that site are accurate, their course descriptions and prerequisites are not the same as ours. Please use the course descriptions and prerequisites linked from the Course # column on this page to learn about Penn State Great Valley offerings and prerequisites.

Students admitted fall 2009 or after must successfully complete the SARI (Scholarship and Research Integrity) requirement of the Penn State degree in order to graduate. For an overview of the SARI requirements, please visit the following link: 'Engineering SARI Program'.

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For Penn State Great Valley prerequisites, please click on the course number in the column on the left. Do NOT use the course descriptions listed in the schedules to determine prerequisite requirements.
Course # Core Courses Schedule Schedule
SYSEN 510 Engineering Analysis I N/A N/A
SYSEN 520 Systems Engineering Spring 2014 (PNY) N/A
SYSEN 531 Probabilistic Modeling and Simulation N/A summer 2014
SYSEN 533 Deterministic Modeling and Simulation Spring 2014 N/A
SYSEN 550 Creativity and Problem Solving I Spring 2014 (PNY) N/A

Choose one of the following to take near the end of the program.
SYSEN 594  Master's Research Paper: a 3-credit professional paper Contact Division
Contact Division
SYSEN 594  Advanced Systems Studio: under general direction of faculty, students work on a systems project individually or in teams
Spring 2014 N/A

Students take any six elective courses from the following:
Course # Course Name Schedule Schedule
ENGMT 511  Engineering for Energy and the Environment N/A Summer 2014
ENGMT 530  Engineering Law N/A Summer 2014
I E 532 Reliability Engineering N/A N/A
IN SC 497 Special Topics: Enterprise Architecture N/A Summer 2014
IN SC 525 Applied Data Mining N/A N/A
STAT 500 Applied Statistics N/A N/A
SYSEN 497  Special Topics: Wireless Positioning N/A N/A
SYSEN 505 Technical Project Management Spring 2014 N/A
SYSEN 507  Systems Thinking (previously offered as SYSEN 597) Spring 2014 N/A
SYSEN 522  Systems Verification Validation & Testing (previously offered as SYSEN 597) N/A N/A
SYSEN 530 Systems Optimization N/A N/A
SYSEN 536 Decision and Risk Analysis in Engineering N/A N/A
SYSEN 552 Creativity & Problem Solving II Spring 2014 N/A
SYSEN 554 Problem Solving Leadership N/A N/A
SYSEN 555 Invention & Creative Design N/A N/A
SYSEN 597  Special Topics: Engineering Systems Modeling N/A N/A
SYSEN 597  Special Topics: Advanced Quality Control Techniques N/A N/A
SYSEN 597  Special Topics: Fundamentals of Continuous Improvement N/A N/A
SYSEN 597  Special Topics: Model Based Systems Engineering N/A N/A
ENGMT 501  Engineering Management Science N/A N/A
S T S 589 Ethics & Values in Science & Technology N/A N/A
SWENG 545 Data Mining N/A N/A
SWENG 584 Genetic Algorithms N/A N/A
SWENG 586  Requirements Engineering N/A Summer 2014 (PNY)
SWENG 582 Real-Time Software Design and Analysis N/A N/A
SWENG 587  Software Systems Architecture N/A N/A
All course work toward the master's degree program in systems engineering must be completed within eight years of admission to the program. You need to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B) throughout the program.

Please e-mail questions and requests for course substitutions and approvals in any modules to

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