The Master of Software Engineering Preparatory, Core, and Elective Modules

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The Master of Software Engineering degree requires 36 credits. You may need to take additional preparatory classes depending on your engineering background. After admission to the program, you will have eight years to complete your course work with a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher. Please note that our electives may change over time as we develop new courses. If you have questions or requests for course substitutions and approvals, please e-mail

NOTE: The links below in the Schedule columns go to University Park's Web site. Although the course numbers, times, and availability on that site are accurate, their course descriptions and prerequisites are not the same as ours. Please use the course descriptions and prerequisites linked from the Course # column on this page to learn about Penn State Great Valley offerings and prerequisites.

Students admitted fall 2009 or after must successfully complete the SARI (Scholarship and Research Integrity) requirement of the Penn State degree in order to graduate. For an overview of the SARI requirements, please visit the following link: 'Engineering SARI Program'.

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Preparatory courses (one or both may be assigned)
Course # Course Name Schedule Schedule
SWENG 400 Special Topics: Introduction to Software Engineering Studio N/A N/A
CMPSC 473 Operating Systems Design & Construction (previously offered as CSE 411) N/A N/A
18-Credit Core Curriculum
Course # Course Name  Schedule  Schedule
SWENG 497   Special Topics: Software Documentation N/A Summer 2014
SWENG 537 Software System Design Spring 2014 N/A
SWENG 580  Advanced Software Engineering N/A N/A
SWENG 581  Software Testing Spring 2014 N/A
SYSEN 505  Technical Project Management Spring 2014 N/A
Choose one of the following to be taken near the end of the program 
SWENG 500 Advanced Software Engineering Studio Spring 2014 N/A
SWENG 594  Masters Research Paper Contact Division
Contact Division
Students take any six elective courses from the following: 
Course # Course Name  Schedule  Schedule 
INFSY 563  Network Security (Previously offered as IN SC 497 - Special Topics: Fundamentals of Information Security) Spring 2014 (PNY) N/A
IN SC 497  Special Topics: Business Intelligence N/A Summer 2014
IN SC 497  Special Topics: Enterprise Architecture N/A Summer 2014
IN SC 497  Special Topics: Large-Scale Databases & Warehouses Spring 2014 N/A
IN SC 521  Database Design Concepts N/A N/A
IN SC 525  Applied Data Mining N/A N/A
IN SC 526  Business Process Management and Integration (Previously offered as IN SC 597 Business Process Management) Spring 2014 N/A
IN SC 561 Web Security and Privacy N/A N/A
IST 454 Computer and Cyber Forensics (previously offered as IN SC 497 Computer Forensics) N/A Summer 2014 (PNY)
IST 516  Web and Internet Information Retrieval N/A N/A
SWENG 497 Special Topics: Domain Specific Languages N/A N/A
SWENG 497 Special Topics: Software Integration N/A N/A
SWENG 497 Special Topics: Tools and Processes for Software Engineering N/A Summer 2014
SWENG 541 Advanced Database Design N/A N/A
SWENG 545 Data Mining N/A N/A
SWENG 568 Enterprise Integration N/A N/A
SWENG 569  Service-Oriented Architecture (previously INSC 597) N/A N/A
SWENG 582  Real-Time Software Design and Analysis N/A N/A
SWENG 584 Genetic Algorithms N/A N/A
SWENG 585 Pattern-Oriented Design N/A N/A
SWENG 586  Requirements Engineering (previously SWENG 597) N/A Summer 2014 (PNY)
SWENG 587  Software Systems Architecture (previously SWENG 597) N/A N/A
SWENG 588  Program Understanding N/A N/A
SWENG 597  Special Topics: Formal Methods N/A N/A
SWENG 826  Applied Human-Computer Interaction (previously offered as SWENG 497 Human Computer Interface) Spring 2014 N/A
CSE 543 Computer Security N/A N/A
SYSEN 497  Wireless Positioning N/A N/A
SYSEN 507 Systems Thinking (previously SYSEN 597) Spring 2014 N/A