Leadership in Technology Integration (LITI): 
M.Ed. in Instructional Systems

Current students: Please contact Dr. Doris Lee at ydl1@psu.edu for advising.

This degree prepares educators to be instructional technology leaders in their school districts or to broaden their credentials to work as technology coordinators within their schools or districts. Course work emphasizes models of education systems design, computers as learning and teaching tools, and leadership for systemic change.

LITI offers courses in seven- and fourteen-week formats. Seven-week classes meet two evenings a week or a full-day on Saturdays. Fourteen-week classes meet one evening a week or a half-day on Saturdays. A varied schedule is offered in the summer. Some courses are offered via the Web and are self-paced.

Education faculty

LITI faculty members have both theoretical grounding and practical experience in teaching and computer technology. They are involved as scholars, consultants, practitioners, and researchers.


Most students are practicing K-12 classroom teachers or librarians and have a special interest in computer-based learning.

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