Special Education Supervisory I Certification (15 credits)

Teachers who have completed three years of full-time teaching and who are permanently certified in an area of special education or communication disorders are eligible to begin study for Supervisory I Certification.  Requirements depend on the student's experience and training.  Supervisory training may be combined with a master's degree program in special education.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires applicants for Supervisory I Certification to have five years of teaching experience, before Supervisory Certification will be granted.

Course  Requirements for Supervisory I Certification (15 credits)

Students must complete a total of 15 credits, including the following courses:

Core Courses (9 credits, including a 3-credit Internship)

  • SPLED 501 (3) Administration & Supervision of Educational Program for Exceptional Children
  • EDLDR 562 (3) Methods of Classroom Supervision and Coaching
  • SPLED 595C (3) Internship in Special Education Supervision

Electives - Two Special Education electives at the 400 or 500 level (6 credits)

Application Requirements for Degree and Nondegree Admission 

For admission to the Graduate School, applicants must hold either a bachelor's degree from a U.S. regionally accredited institution or a postsecondary degree that is equivalent to a U.S. baccalaureate degree earned from an officially recognized degree-granting international institution.

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