Special Education FAQs

Q. How many credits are required for your various programs?

A: SPLED Certification I: 45 credits with transcript audit
A: SPLED M.Ed.: 31 credits: 19 core credits, 12 SPLED elective credits
A. SPLED M.Ed. with Certification: 51 credits including 20 SPLED deficiency credits,19 core credits, 12 SPLED elective credits
A: SPLED M.S.: 30 credits: 12 core credits, 6 diversification credits, and 12 SPLED elective credits
A: SPLED Supervisory Certification: 15 credits: 9 core credits and 6 elective credits

Q. Do courses follow a specific sequence?

A: Most programs have sequences of classes that lead to certification or degree. You need to meet with the Special Education academic adviser to develop a specific plan of study.

Q. What are the admission requirements?

A: See admission requirements for each specific Special Education certification/degree program:

You may begin on a nondegree basis. A maximum of 9 credits taken on a nondegree basis can be transferred into a SPLED certification or master’s degree program .

Q. How are courses offered?

A: Special Education offers courses in a 14-week format, one evening a week or a half-day on Saturdays. Seven-week sessions are offered in the summer.

Q. What is the student body like?

A: Students come to us from a wide variety of backgrounds. Those interested in Special Education Certification I are human service professionals, paraprofessionals in education, elementary and secondary educators, and other professionals interested in making a career change. M.Ed. and M.S. candidates usually are special educators, or related degree holders. Supervisory candidates are educators interested in special education supervisory and special education administration.

Q. How can I apply?

A: See the SPLED Admission Page.

Q. How can I find out more?

A: Fill out an information request.