M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction - Literacy
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Spring 2014 Schedule

C I 400  Introduction to Research Literature N/A
C I 501  Teaching as Inquiry


C I 550  Overview of Contemporary School Curriculum N/A
C I 596  Individual Studies Spring 2014
EDPSY 421  Learning processes in Relation to Educational Practices N/A 
EDPSY 526  The Psychology of Reading N/A
LL ED 450  Content Area Reading N/A
LL ED 500  The Reading and Writing Classroom N/A
LL ED 501  Teaching Writing in Elementary and Secondary Schools N/A
LL ED 512  Teaching Language, Literacy, and Literature in Secondary Schools N/A
LL ED 541  Adolescent and Children's Literature Related to Ethnic and Social Issues N/A
LL ED 544 Cross-Cultural Research in Bilingual Education N/A
LL ED 545  Literacy and Language Assessment for Instructional Decisions N/A
LL ED 550  Theory and Practicum in Assessment and Remediation of Reading Difficulties N/A
LL ED 595  Practicum: Remedial Procedures and Diagnosis N/A
LL ED 595A  Practicum: Remedial Procedures and Diagnosis N/A
LL ED 596  Individual Studies N/A
LL ED 597  Special Topics:  Issues in Teaching Reading, Writing to English Language Learners N/A