How do you find Scholarly Journals?

   On the Internet?

You can search databases on our library’s web site that deal with resources in a particular discipline. The majority of journals that you find in these databases are respected and many will be refereed. Some databases like Proquest allow you to narrow your search to only scholarly or refereed journals.

   Can I Google scholarly journals?

You can’t just Google a topic.  You may find some good materials but you won’t get any information about the content of most scholarly journals.  Google Scholar helps you to find materials but keep in mind that this is only a starting point for your search.

   Google Scholar vs. Databases

Google Scholar can provide some overall references for your paper with links back to the Penn State University Library for some materials. However, keep in mind that not all of the listings on Google Scholar are scholarly journals, so you will need to evaluate each one. There are also many more scholarly resources available by searching databases and fulltest resources on University Libraries that are both general, like Proquest, and subject specific, like ERIC, IEEE, or ABI/INFORM. Many of these resources are available full text, either on the database you are searching or by using the "GET IT!" button to link to another PSU resource.

Get It Button

To search the PSU databases and full-text resources, you can go to the LIAS E-Resource List (A-Z).

   Will I find current information on Google Scholar?

Be careful to note dates on the Google Scholar listings as some of the articles are not current and may not be what you want to use for your research.

   In Print?

Many libraries have print copies of indexes similar to the online databases you are used to searching. These print indexes are especially important if you are searching for material before the 1990s as many databases don’t cover material before that time.

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