Course Snapshot: The Principalship [EDLDR 568]

Principalship Certification  |  Educational Leadership

Offered for over 25 years at Penn State Great Valley, this course is designed to orient students to the unique role of the principal in the elementary, middle and high school levels through real-world activities, selected readings, and classroom discussions/presentations/assignments. The course is mandatory for the Principalship Certification. The capstone assignment requires students to “shadow” a school principal and other district administrators throughout the seven-week class period.

Research indicates that strong, well-prepared, results-oriented educational leaders are highly valued in education today, which correlates to student success. After spending 33 years in public education, lead instructor, Ron Musoleno, Ph.D., assistant professor, educational leadership, brings a plethora of real-world experience including 25 years as a principal in five different school districts. As a result, Musoleno modified the course content to be more realistic and meaningful to students.
Musoleno believes that the required “shadowing experience” differentiates this course since it pairs each student with a working school principal, thereby exposing them to actual administrative tasks, decisions and experiences.

Teachers aspiring to become school leaders/principals during the course of their professional careers would find this course most meaningful. Additionally, professionals who have earned doctorates have found this course relevant toward obtaining certification as required by the state.

The course is designed to provide each student with the opportunity to gain insight into his/her own strengths and aptitudes in educational leadership. Musoleno feels it goes even further in educational leadership development. “The course helps students pursue topics of individual interest relative to principalship, and helps them reflect on the roles and responsibilities of a school principal.”