Completing Your Registration

The Penn State registration process consists of two steps.

  1. The student schedules a course or courses.
  2. Registration is complete upon receipt of payment of tuition and fees, or processing a zero bill if applicable.

Your billing statement includes the amount due as well as credits from scholarships, loans, grants, and other financial assistance. In some cases, because of financial credits,you may not be required to make payment to the University. In other cases, you may be due a refund from the University. In all cases, REGARDLESS OF AMOUNT DUE, action is REQUIRED to complete the registration process as follows:

  1. You may pay by credit card via eLion or at BURSAR.PSU.EDU. There is a 2% convenience fee for each payment processed with a credit card.
  2. Return payment by check or money order accompanied by the billing statement to the Bursar's Office, 103 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802-1200 or at any Penn State location.

Failure to complete the registration process may result in any or all of the following actions:

  • You will not receive grades for courses you are attending.
  • You will be unable to enroll for future semesters.
  • Your Penn State Computer Access Account will be suspended.
  • If you receive student loans, you may be required to repay your loans by your lender.
  • If you receive student aid, some of the aid sources may be cancelled and will be unavailable at a later date.
  • Starting with the first day of the semester, you will not be allowed to add courses.
  • Faculty are not obligated to provide instruction or assessment.

Prior to the first day of the semester, a student may cancel registration without financial penalty. Starting with the first day of the semester, a student who decides not to attend must withdraw. Please see the Refund/Tuition Adjustment Policy to determine your financial adjustment.

Note: There is a $250 late registration fee if you register for a course after it begins. If you have questions, please call the Graduate Credit Registration at 610-648-3275.