MSDNAA for Penn State Great Valley

Penn State Great Valley is now a participant in the Microsoft Developed Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) Program. This Program allows registered students at Penn State Great Valley to download a wide variety of Microsoft products to their personal workstations.  

How is works:

  • The beginning of every semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) registered students will receive an email from  with username, password, and instructions on how and where to obtain the software.
  • Students have the choice of purchasing a CD of the software or downloading it for free.


What is MSDNAA?
Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance.  Penn State Great Valley is participating in this program to lower software costs to students.

What is the Academic Alliance Software Center?
A third party partner with Microsoft responsible for administering distribution of the software according to the MSDNAA license policies.

Who is eligible to receive software?
Only students registered in a credit course are eligible.   A list of eligible students is provided by Penn State Great Valley every semester to the Academic Alliance Software Center.  Students are then notified via email of their eligibility to acquire the software.  

How will students be able to receive software?

  1. Make an online purchase.  Fees range from less than $9 to over $14 and a CD is sent to the address the student or faculty specifies.
  2. Download the file. (No charge).

How do I download software?
You must login to the site with the username and password provided before you are able to download.  Once logged in you may select the product you want to download from the products page.  Click on the Get It button.  You will be taken to the download page – click on the button to download and install your software.

How do I get registered?
If you have not received a notification notice from  and you are a student currently registered in a credit course at Penn State Great Valley, then call the Help Desk at 610.648.3230 or email our and notify us of the problem.

Is there a list of “do’s and don’ts” regarding use of the software available through the MSDNAA Program?
Yes, usage guidelines can be found at

Can I install my software on two computers at once?
No, you are limited to one installation only.  If you have more than one computer i.e. home computer and laptop or work computer, you will need to choose one on which you’d like to use the software.  Keep in mind as well that friends, family, and colleagues who are not enrolled in a course at Penn State are not allowed access or use of the software.

If my download times out or I get disconnected, how do I continue my software download and installation?
If you were in the middle of downloading the software itself, there will be a shortcut icon saved on your desktop that will allow you to resume your download.  Double-click on the icon to begin again.  If you don’t see the shortcut icon on your computer desktop, you can use the “Request Re-Install” function in the Support section.

Is the software permanently unlocked by the license (or “key”)?
No, the key allows you to install the software once.  Also, if you need to re-install the software, you will need to contact the Penn State Great Valley Help Desk (610.648.3230 or

If I choose to purchase the media instead of downloading it, what will I actually receive in the mail?
If you choose to have the software delivered to your home or office, you will receive a CD or set of CDs in a plastic CD sleeve.  The serial number or license key, if required, will be attached to the CD on an orange “stikie”.

Do MSDNAA products provide the same functionality as those available through the retail market?
Yes, a product purchased through the MSDNAA Program offers the same functionality as a product purchased through the retail market.

Can I keep the CD media after I receive it?
Yes, it is yours to keep.

What if I’ve forgotten my e-academy login password?
At the log-in screen, there is a Log-in Help area. Click on this box and follow the instructions to have your password sent to you via email.