M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy

The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Literacy helps elementary, middle, and secondary teachers become more effective in their classrooms. Courses are interdisciplinary and encourage educators to be self-reflective about their instruction in reading, writing, language, and thinking in a culturally diverse society and to understand, appreciate, and communicate across content areas.

Students complete a minimum of 30 credits. Credits for the literacy emphasis may also be applied to the Reading Specialist Certification (pending acceptance to the Reading Specialist Certification program and necessary PRAXIS scores). Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic adviser to plan course selections.

Core courses (9 credits)

  • CI 400: Introduction to Research Literature OR CI 501: Teaching as Inquiry
  • CI 550: Overview of Contemporary School Curriculum
  • EDPSY 421: Learning Processes in Relation to Educational Practices OR
          ADTED 505: The Teaching of Adults

Emphasis courses (9 credits)

Choose any three LL ED courses:

  • LL ED 450: Content Area Reading
  • LL ED 500: The Reading and Writing Classroom
  • LL ED 512: Teaching Language, Literacy, and Literature in Secondary Schools
  • LL ED 541: Adolescent and Children's Literature Related to Ethnic and Social Issues
  • LL ED 544: Cross-cultural Research in Bilingual Education
  • LL ED 545: Literature and Language Assessment for Instruction
  • LL ED 597: Issues in Teaching Reading and Writing to English Language Learners

Related courses (6 credits)

You may choose related courses from the LL ED courses listed above that you have not taken and/or from the following courses OR their equivalent.

  • C I 501: Teaching as Inquiry
  • EDLDR 563: Designing Professional Development Programs
  • EDPSY 526:  The Psychology of Reading
  • SCIED 597: Science Content for Teachers - Food Science
  • SCIED 597: Computer Tools for Inquiry-based Science Teaching

Elective Courses (3 credits)

Students, in consultation with their academic adviser, complete one course outside Curriculum and Instruction.  Choose from the following courses OR their equivalent.

  • EDLDR 597: Inclusive Practices in Leadership
  • SPLED 404: Working with Familes and Professionals in Special Education
  • SPLED 425: Orientation to Human Variation and Special Education Services

Research Project (3 credits)

After completing approximately 21 credits in the program, students complete a master's paper under the supervision of a faculty adviser. Please consult your academic adviser for details, including the deadlines for paper submission.

  • CI 596: Individual Studies (Master’s Paper)

At least 18 credits must be completed at the 500-level, and at least 6 credits must be completed outside the curriculum and instruction department. For the curriculum, schedule, and course descriptions, see the Curriculum and Schedule page.

For information on how to apply, click here.

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