Changes in your enrollment can affect your semester benefit.

  • If you drop and add the same number of credits before courses begin, there should be no change to your semester benefit.  An updated Enrollment Verification Request Form is not necessary.
  • If you add one or more classes and increase your credit load before the effected courses begin, changes must be reported immediately in order for VA educational benefits to be applied to the student bill. Submit an updated Enrollment Verification Request Form. Costs for courses added without an Enrollment Verification Request Form are the responsibility of the student.
  • If you drop one or more classes and decrease your credit load before the effected courses begin, changes must be reported immediately in order for the student to avoid incurring a personal debt to the VA. Submit an updated Enrollment Verification Request Form. If VA payment has already been received for a course that is subsequently dropped, the excess funds generated as a result of the dropped course will be sent from the University to the student as a “refund” and the VA will seek repayment for the full cost of the course directly from the student.
  • If you withdraw from a course after it begins, the course withdrawal must be reported to the VA. Send an e-mail to with details. The student is responsible for the cost of the portion of the course completed. Please check with Penn State Great Valley's Office of the Registrar before dropping any course to inform yourself of any charges you will be responsible for as a result of a course drop. If VA payment has been sent for a course that is later dropped, the VA will seek reimbursement directly from the student.
  • If you change or add degree programs, the change must be approved by the VA in order for educational benefits to continue. In this case, report the change of program to the school certifying official and ask to have your student profile updated in the VA database.

Refer to for details about your responsibility for ensuring that your school certifying official is aware of your enrollment and any subsequent changes in your schedule or degree pursuit.