Students with Autism in Inclusive Settings

(a 3-credit course with a noncredit option – Act 48 approved)

Future offering dates to be announced.

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Inclusive public education means providing instruction to students with special needs in general educational settings. Meeting the educational needs of children with disabilities such as autism/PDD often requires adapting instruction, methods, and materials. Students with autism/PDD may have unique characteristics that require the collaboration of educational and related specialists to design and implement effective instruction. 

This course provides an overview of the educational needs of students with autism and details potential adaptations of instruction, methods, and materials used by general educators and others who participate in the education, counseling, or therapy of students with autism/PDD.  The course is delivered in two parts: DVD and face-to-face instruction. Using this format, students have access to current national research as well as guidance from instructors with knowledge of their local communities and resources.

Course may be taken for graduate credit (3) or noncredit.

The course is held on the Penn State Great Valley campus. Parking is accessible and free.


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