Alumni Board Scholarship

The Penn State Great Valley Graduate Alumni Society Board has established a Penn State Great Valley Alumni Scholarship for Penn State undergraduates who seek a master’s degree at Great Valley .

"There was much debate, but we really felt the alumni would have positive feelings giving support to other alumni,” said board member Kirk Oates , ’95 M. Mgmt. The group’s goal is to raise $60,000 from Penn State Great Valley alumni over the next year or two, so that a qualifying student can reap the benefits beginning fall of 2007.

“The thirty-plus member Alumni Society Board brainstormed numerous initiatives we wanted to accomplish for Penn state Great Valley, and this is the one we have chosen to pursue,” said Oates. “The faculty and curriculum at Penn State Great Valley are excellent - very much in alignment with the needs of businesses. Because Penn State Great Valley has helped jumpstart many of our careers or bridged gaps to make us successful, we thought there were things we could do to help Great Valley succeed.”

If you are interested in contributing to the scholarship, please contact the Development Office at