Giving to Penn State Great Valley

For half a century, Penn State Great Valley has enhanced the local business and education communities through superior professional graduate programs and cutting-edge research. We are calling on our corporate partners and alumni to support Great Valley.

We are proud of our alumni, who balanced work and family life with graduate studies to enhance their job performance and advance their careers. Although many benefited from employer tuition reimbursement, others accumulated debt or even left programs due to limited resources. Scholarship support will ensure that future students can afford to finish their degrees and contribute at the next level.

At Great Valley, the most advanced thinkers in business, education, engineering, and academia collaborate and develop creative solutions to real-world challenges. We listen to the needs of local corporations and organizations, and respond with appropriate programs. Dedicated funds for faculty and research will allow Great Valley to retain and recruit the finest academics and practitioners who drive these dynamic initiatives.

Your investment in Penn State Great Valley ensures the school’s continued success in serving southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond—extending opportunity to graduate professional students and resources to innovative faculty.

Please make your gift today.