MBA Elective Courses

Students may select at least three open electives to customize their program. Electives can be used to explore different content areas; build expertise for an informal concentration; or earn a Graduate Certificate. Many of the electives offered each year are listed below.

At Penn State Great Valley, we take seriously our job of keeping students up-to-date on the continuous changes taking place in business. To address this, the MBA program also offers special topics courses from time to time that reflect emerging new ideas and technologies. These courses, designated by a “597” number, can also be taken as electives.

ACCTG 597 

Special topics in accounting

BUSAD 511 

New Ventures I

BUSAD 515 

Acquiring the Existing Enterprise

BUSAD 519 

Developing Creative High Performance Organizations

BUSAD 522 

New Ventures II

BUSAD 526 

Current Issues in Corporate Finance

BUSAD 530 

Biotechnology and Health Industry Overview

BUSAD 534 

Ethical Dimensions of Management in the Biotechnology and Health Industry

BUSAD 542 

Global Intercultural Management

BUSAD 545 

Negotiation Strategies

BUSAD 555 

Full-Range Leadership Development

BUSAD 556 

Diversity Leadership

BUSAD 559 

Career Management

BUSAD 575 

High Tech Venture Development

BUSAD 576 

Ethical Issues in Information Technology

BUSAD 578 

Managing Business Processes

BUSAD 577 

Management of Information Systems

BUSAD 582 

Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership

BUSAD 802  

Cornerstones of Sustainability 

BUSAD 809  

Triple Bottom Line Accounting  

BUSAD 824   

Finance and Investment for Sustainable Growth  

BUSAD 835 

Commercialization of Biopharmaceuticals


Sustainable Products and Service Development

BUSAD 597 

Special topics in business

FIN 504 

Problems in Finance

FIN 505 

Multinational Managerial Finance

FIN 506 

Portfolio Theory and Policy

FIN 508 

Analysis of Financial Market

FIN 513 

Speculative Markets

FIN 532 

Financial Decision Processes

FIN 541 

Security Analysis

H P A 850 

Health Care Marketing

H P A 555 

 Information Systems in Health Services Organization      

H P A 597 

Special Topics:

I B 500  

International Business Management

LEAD 582 

Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership

MGMT 507

Positive Organizational Behavior and Well Being

MGMT 523 

Organizational Change

MGMT 541 

Human Resources Management

MGMT 573 

Corporate Innovative Strategies

MGMT 597 

Special topics in management

MKTG 518 

Global Marketing

PHIL 597 

Ethical Dimensions of Leadership