Getting to Know Engineering Students and Alumni


Ken Young, Systems Engineering

I did not decide to return to grad school because I needed a master's degree. As a Penn State undergrad (EE '78), I always knew I wanted to return to the Penn State family for a graduate degree...more


Ken Sassa, Software Engineering

I graduated from Penn State with an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering. I worked for GE for two years and then left the field. After working as a mailman for several years, I decided that while I had left engineering, it never really left me...more


Cindy Lopez, Information Science

I left my hometown of New York City and headed for Penn State Great Valley with no job, no place to live, and no connections to the Philadelphia region. I had one goal - a master's degree from a good school with a strong reputation...more


Raghunath Kallem, Software Engineering

I came here from India, and first I worked as a consultant for IBM. I wanted to obtain more technical knowledge and develop my skills. In 2004, I started looking at schools, looking at faculty profiles and talking to admissions. I chose Penn State Great Valley because...more 


Eric May, Information Science

I have a business background and found my career following a more technical track. I felt that I needed to improve that aspect of my career and skill set, with a special emphasis on technology in the business world. I had multiple reasons for choosing Penn State Great Valley...more 


Jean Buskirk, Information Science

When I started looking for a graduate program, I really didn't know what career path I wanted to take. I wanted an education that broadened my skills and could help me figure out what to do next. The convenient location, easy admission process, and diverse curriculum, made Penn State Great Valley a smart choice...more