Corporate Quotes


“Penn State Great Valley was great to work with.  They met with us several times to define our training needs and customized the class to these needs.  The instructor was a true expert in the field and very engaging.”

Glen Boyle, Manager/System Operator Training

GuideWorks, LLC

“This particular class introduced me to several areas I need to advance my skill set.  The first area was Junit, the testing arm of Java.  This is important because of the need for continuous integration.  This allows us to run unit tests along with the nightly build which provide for a more robust and higher quality product.

“Threads and Generics are also critical for the work we do here.  The remaining topics from Enterprise Java (JDBC, Introduction to JBoss and Introduction to EJB) may not be immediately applicable to day to day development, but gave me insight to design concepts that are applicable to every day development.”

David McGowan, Principal Software Engineer


“Java 2 discussed in depth the use of Junit and when it can be implemented. Junit is a tool used for automated unit testing - a methodology by which code is tested at the micro level, executing every decision point of the code from a system (not user) perspective and forcing conditions in test that may be difficult or impossible to create in the traditional QA test environment.

“The understanding of the Junit allows QA testers such as myself to analyze current Junit coverage and gaps that could be covered. While we may not be able to achieve 100% coverage, QA has an understanding of what is difficult to cover manually or from a user perspective (such as state logic tests). We can review what is currently supported and request additional coverage as needed.

“Not only does this increase overall quality from the increase in testing coverage, it decreases overall project cost as it finds defects early in the nightly build cycle.

“As test effort coordinator for one of the company’s new projects, this knowledge has encouraged me to review the unit test coverage in our source code base directly and address gaps that would not have been seen without source code review.”

Jennifer Pfluger, Principal Quality Assurance Engineer

“As a Quality Assurance Engineer with a Computer Science degree this course has been a great help to understanding the code on which our application is based. It has allowed my team to begin thinking more along the lines of white-box testing and allowed us to have a better understand how features work from the code level. It has aided us to better communicate with the Developers and by doing so allowed us the opportunity to create a more successful test plan. The course set out to accomplish certain fundamental goals and I believe it did just that. It provided a foundational base from which we can grow by enrolling in more advanced classes.”

Robin Pratt, Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer

“The Java 2 course was definitely useful to me, as a Java beginner working in QA, when interacting with the developers and while attending meetings with technical discussions.  I understand what can happen when having multiple threads in our code much better than before taking this Java course.”

Phil Johnson, Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer

EDS, an HP Company

“We engaged Penn State Great Valley to fill a void in expertise in Visual Basic within our organization. With major support from Jay Polakoff, we were able to customize an off-the-shelf training program to our specific application needs. The ability to customize a curriculum, schedule, and support quickly at our site brought great value to our training needs. They definitely were a pleasure to work with.”

Thomas P. Ciaverelli, Service Delivery Manager

Vertex, Inc

“Vertex Inc, required specialized Client/Server training for employees who were new to this environment. Penn State Great Valley listened to our needs and developed a certification program that met our needs perfectly. The program included courses in Java, SQL, UNIX, Windows and Oracle 10g. After successful completion of this very comprehensive program, my analysts were fully equipped to perform their job functions.  Thank you, Penn State Great Valley, for listening to our needs and delivering an exceptional certification program.”

Eva Dreyer, Supervisor-Client/Server Support