M.Ed. in Instructional Systems: Leadership in Technology Integration

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All required courses for the M.Ed. degree DO NOT require prerequisites!

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Course Descriptions


ADTED 505 The Teaching of Adults
EDLDR 480 Introduction to Educational
EDTEC 448 

Using the Internet in the Classroom 
(formerly INSYS 448)

EDTEC 566  Computers as Learning Tools (formerly INSYS 446) 

Systematic Instructional Development

INSYS 441 Design, Development, and Evaluation of Internet Resources
INSYS 447  Instructional Design for Multimedia Technologies
INSYS 471 Introduction to Educational Systems Design
INSYS 497  Special Topics: Literacy, Learning, and Creativity: Digital Storytelling with New Media
INSYS 497  Special Topics: Facilitating Organizational Change Through Workplace Learning and Development
INSYS 497 Special Topics -- Technology-Based Lesson Planning & Student Evaluation
INSYS 497 Special Topics - Leveraging Curriculum Assessment & Techonolgy in the Classroom
INSYS 497  Special Topics: Dynamic Modeling as a Constructivist Mindtool
INSYS 522 Analyzing Learners and Outcomes
INSYS 525 Instructional Design Models, Strategies, and Tactics
INSYS 527 Designing Constructivist Learning
INSYS 590 Colloquium
INSYS 597  Special Topics: Current Topics in Learning Technology
INSYS 597  Special Topics: Current Issues and Trends in Workplace eLearning
INSYS 597  Special Topics: Advanced E-Learning Solutions