Published Scholarly Articles and Book Chapters by Penn State Great Valley Professors, 2008 - 2012

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Joanna F. DeFranco, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor (Information Science)
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Janice Dreachslin, Professor of Health Policy and Adminstration
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Nil H. Ergin, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor (Systems Engineering)
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Kathryn W. Jablokow, Ph.D. - Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering)
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Pornsit Jiraporn, Assistant Professor of Finance 
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Phillip Laplante, Professor of Software Engineering
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Doris Lee, Professor of Instructional Systems
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Barrie Litzky, Associate Professor of Management and Organization
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John McCool, Distinguished Professor of Systems Engineering
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Colin J. Neill, Ph.D. - Associate Division Head and Associate Professor (Software and Systems Engineering)
R.S. Sangwan, P. Vercellone-Smith, and C.J. Neill, "Use of a Multidimensional Approach to Study the Evolution of Software Complexity," in press Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering: A NASA Journal.

James A. Nemes, D.Sc. - Division Head and Professor (Mechanical Engineering)
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Simon Pak, Associate Professor of Finance
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Denise Potosky, Associate Professor of Management and Organization
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David W. Russell, Professor of Electrical Engineering
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Raghvinder Sangwan, Associate Professor of Information Science
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Mary Catherine Scheeler, Associate Professor of Special Education
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to co-teachers through bug-in-ear technology: An effective method of peer coaching in inclusion classrooms. Teacher Education and Special Education.
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Sagnika Sen, Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Sen, S., Raghu, T.S., Vinze, A. (in press). Demand information sharing in heterogeneous IT service environments. Journal of Management Information Systems.

John Sosik, Professor of Management and Organization
Chun, J. U., Litzky, B. E., Sosik, J. J., Bechtold, D., & Godshalk, V. M. (in press). Emotional intelligence and trust in formal mentoring programs. Group & Organization Management.

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Pam Vercellone-Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Software Engineering

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