John I. McCool, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Systems Engineering

Engineering Division


    • Reliability theory
    • Tribology
    • Measurement analysis of rough surfaces
    • Experiment design, data mining and QC
    • Established Penn State Great Valley surface microtopography laboratory in 1991

Professional Activities


    • Fellow of the ASQ, 2005
    • Philadelphia ASQ Section Hoffer Award for Promoting Statistical Thinking, 2000
    • Penn State Great Valley Faculty Senate's Award for Research, 1999
    • Penn State Great Valley Faculty Senate's Award for Service 1995


    • Ph.D. - Temple University, Statistics
    • M.S. - Drexel University, Mechanical Engineering
    • B.S. -  Drexel University, Mechanical Engineering


    • IN SC 525 – Applied Data Mining
    • SYSEN 530 – Systems Optimization
    • SYSEN 531 – Probabilistic Modeling and Simulation
    • SYSEN 597 – Engineering Management Science
    • STAT 500 – Applied Statistics
    • IE 511 – Experimental Design in Engineering
    • IE 532 – Reliability Engineering
    • IE 566 – Quality Control

Research Interests

    • Inference on the Weibull life distribution  
    • Microcontact models 
    • Warranties and control charts


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Technical Reports

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